August 7th, 2016



Based on 3DCoat and Dom-3D, we are creating a new application for designers 7D-Magic.

This will be a unique program that has no analogues, it will combine 2 technologies for modeling objects of any degree of complexity.

3D-Coat - application for modeling various objects using the sculpting method (digital clay) and low-poly mesh.
3D-Coat provides a wide range of tools:
Vixel Sculpting
• Advanced Texturing, Smart Materials
Ultimate Retopo Tools
• Fast & Friendly UV Mapping
PBR Rendering

Dom-3D application using the parametric solid and free surface metod. Is designed for:
3D Modeling of houses and flats
Furniture Designs
Interior Design.

For modeling objects, we will widely use automation, which will radically increase the efficiency of designers.
Game content is created using templates. Templates help you quickly create 3D models and colorize them.

Templates can be changed and create new ones.
What can be done using templates:
• Buildings, castles, fortresses
• Furniture
• Airplanes, helicopters, ships, tanks, weapons
• People, animals
• Trees, and other plants
• Mountains, landscape.

On most popular forum my discussion Software for designing castles and fortresses.

The work can be divided into several stages.
1-st Stage
Creating a program for designers using a variety of modeling tools.
• Parametric solid and surface
• Digital clay and low poly.

At this stage, we combine the capabilities of 2 programs in one new. Using the capabilities of the programs we will create algorithmic models that will be saved as templates.
In this case, ready-made templates for modeling and color schemes will be used. How it works?
Based on the side view, you can create an animal model.

Complex aerodynamic forms.

2-d Stage

We create new modeling tools and new types of templates. Next, we attract thousands of designers to create new templates that we will sell. A very important stage! You need to make such templates so that they can be easily changed. If this works, a new product and a billion-dollar turnover will appear on the market.

Next we can add bones and animation.

3-d Stage
We create a game where all the technology for creating games will be worked out.
What interests us here is not the commercial success of the game, but the development of technology for the new engine

4-h Stage

We bring to the market a new game engine World-7D.
It will be a completely new platform for quick game creation.

5-h Stage

We will create a version of the application Dom-7D, where constructor can work. Need to add the Drafting module. Dom-3D already has a large part of Drafting.

6-h Stage
And then we add technology and economic calculations. It has already been implemented and has been working for more than 5 years in Armtek plant.

The chief developer of 3D-Coat Andrew Shpagin has 20 years experience. For 10 years he worked in the field of Game Development at GSC Game World. Cossacks game was a great commercial success, thanks to its unique capabilities.

The chief developer of Dom-3D Alexander Gorbatovsky has been working as a programmer since 1993. For 6 years he worked on the SGI platform in the aviation industry.
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